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 This costume is great for productions and parties. The Child Angel costume features an all white, floor length dress  made of poly dazzle fabric. The flowing dress and open sleeves add to the angelic look of the costume. Includes: dress and rope belt. Halo and wings are sold …
BAG - Flannel Printed Santa Bag
Flannel Printed Santa Bag Seasons Greetings is Santa's message with this Flannel Printed Santa Bag.
Deluxe Santa Toy Bag is magic! You can stuff it with millions of toys and it stays the same size and light as a feather. Luxurious red velvet with thick drawstring closure going through heavy duty grommets. Drawstring color is gold. The bag measures 30" wide X 50' tall. It has a vinyl bottom.
BAG - Velvet Santa Bag with Bells
Velvet Santa Bag with Bells The perfect bag for all of Santa's Toys. A 30"x36" Red Velvet Santa Bag with Green Velvet Accent and attached Bells. Bag has drawstring top.
BELL - Hand Bell - 4"
It's not just for the holidays. It can be used all year round. Stop shouting to get a group of people's attention (ring the bell), call them in for dinner (ring the bell).  It is a unique gift.  Great for church and school plays. Santa Hand Bell - 4" Gold Bell with black handle.
BELL - Santa Bell Strap
Use to announce the Dickens Carolling group is in the neighborhood, attach to your doorway for people entering, hang them as a jingling windchime (your neighbors would love that!) Santa Bell Strap. Red 20" x 1 1/2" Red Strap with 5 Nickel-plated bells.
BELT - PIRATE (large / x-large)
Black vinyl belt with no binding (edging) and a large gold buckle. Great for Pirates, Renaissance, Santas and more. A great accent for almost any costume. Size range: 36" - 48", or X-Large 44" - 56".
Black, heavy vinyl (w/ poly lining) belt with a large gold buckle, edged in black binding . Great for Pirates, Renaissance, Santa and more. A great accent for almost any costume. Size range: Large 42-49"
Image B) WHITE vinyl Use for 1970's pants or dress, Super hero costume,  Santa's helper / Elf
Biblical Peasant Lady
This costume features a lose fitting gown with bell sleeves, a rope tie belt and a shawl that is used as a head covering.  For church plays, school or other theatrical performances. Biblical Peasant Lady gown is available in assorted colors. The gown is made of a poly poplin …
Men and women wore the same kind of clothing, but it differed in detail. They both would wear an inner garment and a girdle (sash)and an outer garment, but the dress of the woman was more elaborate and ornamented. However, the women wore longer tunics and larger mantles than the men. Also the …
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