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Male/Female    Elf/ Pirate/ Clown Shirt MEN OR WOMEN CAN WEAR THIS SHIRT. Elf/Pirate/Clown. Striped knit shirt. COLORS: Black/White, Blue/White, Green/White or Red/White, or Red / Black Sizes: Medium (40-42) or Large (44-46). (Accessories sold separately)
60's Singer
Remember the Sonny and Cher comedy show of the 1960's? Grab your gal and sing a karaoke duet with her dressed as the 60's Babe at the next Halloween costume party while you are dressed as the 60's Singer Wild tie dyed shirt, over striped pants with a flared leg, accented with a bright faux fur …
70's Rock Star - Adult
The casual Rock Star look Includes: -Neckscarf, black -Shirt -Striped Pants Size available:STD (40-44) SUGGESTIONS: 70's Wig - Item# (fr-24608) Glasses - Item# (48-081) Shoes - Item# (sh-pimp50)
This style is coming back into fashion. Short on top and long in back. Color: Lt. Brown.
80's Tattos
Complete your look and feel the part with these fake rocker 80's tattoos! Perfect for any of your 80s Costumes, Gothic Costumes, Biker or Rocker Costumes! 5 tattoos in the 80's Tattoos pack
80's Video Star
Express yourself and look as funky as you wanna in this 80s video star costume which includes 80s top, gold lame pants and belt. 80's Video Star (3 PC. Set) Includes: Top, Pants and Belt Size available: STD (6-14)
80's Zebra Pants
The 80's were a time that people were trying to find themselves, and fashion was one of the best ways to do it. Men wore heavy make up and grew long hair, women wore short hair and layers of clothing. All to try and express their individuality and creativity. Wear wild looking Zebra pants to …
Abe Lincoln Kit Abraham Lincoln Instant Disguise Kit. Kit includes: Stove Pipe Hat and Beard. One Size.
Adam & Eve - Couple 2 Flesh tone jumpsuits and 2 leaf headpieces.
Adult - Muscle Shirt
Adult Muscle Shirt Includes padded muscle shirt with velcro closure down back. Adult: One Size (1 piece)
Adult - Ninja Cotume
Invisibility is the art of employing simple techniques and skills utilized in an effective manner in order to make one hard to perceive or hear. To be invisible, you must not be seen or heard in a way that would distinguish you as YOU. Try moving like a ninja at you next costume party. Black …
Airline Pilot Adult
Serving up the best care in the air - one mile at a time! Soar through your next Halloween or costume party dressed as a pilot. Airline Pilot (5 PC. Set) This Airline Pilot Adult Costume includes a pilot hat, a navy blue jacket with gold stripe cuffs and buttons, a white shirt front with a …
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